Reviews, innovative approach...
— Pilar Khder, K-12 Teacher, College Proctor, OMAS at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

"On February 24, 2018, Ms. Sun gave an outstanding presentation at the Alliance Francaise de San Diego. Using technology and an incredible amount of creativity, Ms. Sun shared practical and original ideas on teaching foreign languages in elementary schools. With her fast-paced, innovative approach, Ms. Sun was able to galvanize a group of very experience teachers. Her technique and ideas can be easily adapted to all levels and subjects."

- Pilar Khder, K - 12 Teacher, College Proctor, OMAS at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

...easy to follow even for a novice in technology applications...
— Martine Garoute, Middle School French/Spanish Teacher, The Bishop's Episcopal School, La Jolla, CA

"This workshop was very helpful and highly formative. Valérie gave an excellent presentation. I feel encouraged to try the new tools Valérie introduced and I am interested in utilizing these tools in my classroom. I had fun and learned a lot! I will certainly attend another workshop led by Valérie!!!"

- Eleonora Innis, Teacher, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA

"Valerie displays a caring and joyful personality. She makes people feel at ease right away. Her presentation is easy to follow even for a novice in technology applications. Even though I am not an elementary teacher, I could use some ideas to implement more technology in the classroom. She is an excellent presenter and an innovative model for teachers."

- Martine Garoute, Middle School French/Spanish Teacher, The Bishop's Episcopal School, La Jolla, CA


"Valérie est une formatrice dynamique. J'ai appris beaucoup et elle m'a outillé pour utiliser les nouvelles technologies dans ma classe dès demain. Merci!"

- Eliza Racine-Hetu, Teacher, The Language Academy, San Diego, CA

...dynamic and patient with the audience...
— Sylvie Ngilla McGraw, Assistant Professor, University of San Diego

"Excellente présentation
On a beaucoup appris
On n'a pas vu le temps passer tellement c'est passionnant."

- Naima El Bekraoui, Professor, City College, Grossmon College, Alliance Française

- Deborah Baumer, Teacher, Language Academy, San Diego, CA

"Presentation was very clear and organized. Valerie was dynamic and patient with the audience. I enjoyed very much the presentation and I plan on using several websites and app suggested. Thanks a lot!"

- Sylvie Ngilla McGraw, Assistant Professor, University of San Diego


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