EmpowerED Consulting provides high-energy, hands-on, experiential professional development and coaching focused on technology integration and dual-immersion best practices in K-12 classrooms. Since January 2019, we have been working with a team of teachers to create a curriculum map to guide and align current and new French 90/10 and 50/50 immersion programs.

Professional development with EmpowerED Consulting can be requested. Training and coaching can be conducted in English, French, or Mandarin with tech tools adapted for dual-immersion classrooms. 

A few teachers part of the Curriculum Map Team.

A few teachers part of the Curriculum Map Team.

Her energy, enthusiasm and humor are truly contagious.
— Olivier Ngo

"Valerie has been working with the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles for about a year. She is a pioneer in dual-language immersion programs having started the first public French program in Los Angeles County in 2012 in Glendale Unified School District. This program is now thriving and recently received the prestigious 'Label FrancEducation' accreditation from the French government. She has delivered training sessions for university professors and dual-language immersion teachers on various topics. Her energy, enthusiasm and humor are truly contagious. The feedback from the participants has always been extremely positive. Her expertise in bilingual education and educational technologies makes her a true asset for any professional development session linked to these topics. Thanks to her multicultural background and her ability to speak three languages fluently, Valerie understands the challenges that teachers are facing and can provide very relevant solutions. Furthermore, having worked with school districts, administrators and parents, she is aware that making all the stakeholders work together is of utmost importance. Valerie regularly presents her research and practices at top-level conferences across the US. The Consulate of France in Los Angeles is fortunate to be able to count on her dedication, expertise and vision, which she shares with a lot of generosity and passion."

- Olivier Ngo, Higher education and French language Attaché
Consulate General of France in Los Angeles