On-Site PD


Half Day or Full Day

Teachers will use contract time to experience EmpowerED and learn three versatile protocols and other engagement skills they can implement directly in their classrooms. 

Continuous On-Site PD

For one academic year, teachers will have two whole-group On-Site PD experiences focused on various tools and practices. After the first PD experience, each teacher plans lessons with EmpowerED to be demonstrated in the classroom selecting the tool and/or strategy of his/her choice, followed by a debrief after each lesson. If desired, a co-teaching lesson will be planned. A second On-Site PD experience will be scheduled tools and protocols not demonstrated in the first experience. Another round of classroom demonstration or co-teaching will be in place. 

Custom PD

EmpowerED will respond to your school site's and teachers' needs in terms of number of PD, demonstrations, and co-teaching lessons. 

PD Inquiries


You and your teachers are going to feel EmpowerED!

EmpowerED understands that instructional time is precious. This is a promise that your teachers will enjoy the hands-on experience and energy of this professional development. They will leave feeling amp-ed and encouraged having been on the learner side while understanding the instructional steps to create a student-centered learning experience. They will also be ready to implement the protocols and methods in their own classrooms. 

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